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Test Preparation & Tests

Getting ready to take your driving test? There are a number of ways you can prepare to take your driving test, from practice test lessons to defensive driver courses and more.
A learners practice test is the perfect way to refine your technique, build your confidence and get you ready to ace that driving test.

Practice Driving Test

Knowing what to expect in your driving test gives you a huge advantage when taking your test for real. We conduct simulated tests to put you in the right mindset and give you the tools you need to pass the test first try. Most learner drivers fail on their first try, and that’s exactly what we aim to fix. It’s important to be able to make quick and correct decisions when driving, and to know that you can drive well even under pressure.

We work our exactly what you need to learn and practice to be confident in your test. Call us today to book in a practice driving test and lesson, or send us an email with your details and we’ll get right back to you.

Defensive driving for preparation

If you’re already confident in your driving, but if you’re looking to take you skills just that little bit further our defensive driving program is the perfect option. Using advanced driving strategies straight from the Australian Police driving handbook you’ll learn everything you need to know to drive at the best of your abilities.
Many of our students take our defensive driving program before they take their driving test. It also makes a great gift for both learner and experienced drivers alike.

Interested in our defensive driving program?

Master Driver Trainers

Tom, our resident master driver trainer, is an ex-cop and has decades of experience helping students pass their driving tests. Using specialised driving techniques combined with his own driver training techniques, Tom creates unique learning strategies for each of his students to put them in the best position to pass their driving test. We work on eliminating bad habits and ironing out driving flaws to help you build the confidence you need to pass the test, but most importantly be a safe and confident driver on the roads. For more information about our driving lessons and techniques give Tom a call today, send us an email, or view our FAQ.

Coomera Driver Training Master Driver Tom

Get in touch with Coomera Driver Training

All our students who do 6 lessons or more with Coomera Driver Training are given a test route, helping them to understand common routes they might take in their driving test. It’s not often that these routes are taken in the actual test, but driving in test conditions around the area is a fantastic way to ease pressure and raise confidence. If you’re looking for test preparation lessons call our team today on 0404063761.