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New Student Special

New student package three hours for $165 – that’s nine hours in your logbook on the app

About Our New Student Special

Whether you’re in school or university and looking to get your hours up, or trying to improve your driving or gain some more driving experience, Coomera Driver Training is for you. All new students can take advantage of our introductory offer, paying just $165 for 3 lessons with our Master Driver Trainers. Book your first lesson today!

All our lessons are conducted by our Master Driver trainers, using techniques adapted fom the Queensland Police Service Driver Training Manual.We aim to give you complete confidence on the road and the skills to handle any driving situation. We welcome all drivers, whether you’re just learning or have been driving for years. There’s always something new to learn, and we can help you bring your skills to the next level.

Driving Lessons for Everyone

Whether you’re learning automatic or manual, our driver trainers can help put you in the perfect position to pass your test. Every hour with a driver trainer is worth 3 hours in your log book. We aim to give you the skills and knowledge to pass your test easily.

Your driver trainer, Tom McGuire, is a retired Queensland Police Officer and is certified as a defensive driver trainer in manual and automatic vehicles and Trucks up to Medium Rigid class.

coomera new student

What’s included

In this new student special, we cover all of the following;

  • 3x 1 hour lessons
  • Car Basics
    This includes steering wheel adjustment, mirror adjustment and much more.
  • Getting comfortable on the road
  • Safety signals
  • Parallel parking
  • Nine hours in your logbook or on the app

Improvement in your Learner Drivers Skills

Improve your driving skills and gain confidence on the road with our lessons. Our students learn:

  • Cockpit Drills
  • Safety margins including following distances in wet and dry conditions
  • When to stop and when to pass through yellow lights
  • Blind spots
  • Merging
  • Lane merging
  • Slip Lanes
  • M1 merging fast acceleration
  • Roundabouts
  • Turn in the face of oncoming traffic


Please note: Students who do not practice and master these skills aren’t likely to pass the test. Manual drivers must also be able to take off successfully without bunny hopping or stalling in their test. We can teach manual driving if required, including gear changes and hill starts. While not all of these things can be taught in 3 hours, we aim to do as much as possible, and put you in a position to pass. Success in some or all of these topics will depend upon the experience and aptitude of the particular student.

Manoeuvres such as reverse parks, etc are not taught in this package. For these subjcts please see the Test Polish up package.

Package Pricing for New and Beginner Students

Lesson Time Our Price Competition Price
New Student Special:
3 hours taken as ( 2 x 90 minutes) or ( 3 x 60 minutes)
$165 Free Keys2Drive (not actual driving)

Never Again! say parents who have done it!) + $100

Beginner’s Special


$150 $200++
3 Hours Regular Package $180 $200++

Book your new student special today!

Talk to Coomera Driver Training’s experts teachers today and book your first lesson with us. We employ only Qualified Master Drivers who will teach you how to handle traffic and driving situations with confidence! If you need to book a lesson outside of school hours or on a school holiday we can accommodate your needs. Book online today!