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Coomera Manual Driving Lessons

Starting from $65 per hour!

About Our Manual Driving Lessons

Forget having to pay over $70 for a premium driving lesson, refine your skills and learn everything you need before your big test!

Advanced training techniques

With our unequalled experience and advanced training techniques, your learner will love manual in their first lesson. Can you imagine your learner being able to get any car – yes any car – going in 1st gear in their first less? That’s right in one hour we will teach the Learner to smoothly take off without bunny hopping or stall in our car, your car, any car.
Then they get so excited they want more
Manual driving qualifications are a definite advantage in job applications even if driving is not a requirement. These qualifications indicate a determination to gone one better.

coomera driving lessons

What’s Included

Our lesson packages are perfect for any driving student! We can cover any of the following in your lessons;

  • Car Basics
    Learn everything from how to adjust your steering wheel and mirrors to car care.
  • Getting comfortable on the road
  • Learn how to properly use the clutch
  • Safety signals
  • Reverse parking
  • Parallel parking
  • Defensive driving

Our Manual Driving Lesson Prices

Lesson Time Our Price Competition Price
1 hour $65 $70 – $75
3hrs $180 $200++
6hrs $390 $430-$445

Book your manual lessons today!

Get in touch with Coomera Driver Training today and with Safe Master Drivers who will teach you how to handle any traffic situation! We work around school hours and work during school holidays and most importantly, we have a sensational pass rate.

We offer defensive driving courses & traditional driving lessons on the Gold Coast!