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Beginner's Special

3 hours for only $149

About Our Beginner’s Special

Save a massive $111 with this all inclusive beginner’s special covers all the basic introductory tasks for automatic vehicles! This package is for the absolute beginner.Can you think of anything better as a birthday present (or motivator) for a learner about to get his learner’s license. We are happy to provide a gift certificate.
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What’s included

The purpose of the package is to give the beginner a start in driving:

  • Cockpit setup
  • Instruments and alarms
  • Ignition
  • Gear Selection
  • Acceleration
  • Braking
  • Steering
  • Nine hours in your logbook or on the app

Everything is made easy with an experienced instructor

Everything is made easy with an experienced instructor, a fit for purpose car (smallish) and dual controls – especially dual controls.

How much quicker will your learner pick things up is he or she is not scared or in a borderline state of panic?
In the 3 hour package the learner is taught the minimum; more about getting to know what a car does. We do not go around shopping centres or out of the way quiet places. As soon as the learner feels comfortable – usually after about 25 minutes we go onto wide roads with a moderate traffic flow. So the learner quickly takes on board that most driving is repetitive but they also understand that their judgement is poor and they have a lot to learn.

With the aid of the instructor and the dual controls – just in case – the instructor is able to coach the learner during the session and reduce the fear of other traffic including trucks and buses. After 90 minutes, we will hand back a learner who has enjoyed his first time driving a car and looking forward to more. The same learner will understand his limitations and be ready to expect and accept instruction as he drives by the supervisor – parent. From the supervisors’ point of view, the learner will understand his/her limitations and not act unexpectedly e.g. panic braking. In the second session it is much the same. Wide roads and moderate traffic and identifying the hazards and obstacles as they occur in our drive.


  • No Previous driving experience at all
  • Package is $150.00 prepaid by bank transfer
  • Automatic only – too early for manual
  • Parents are always welcome to join the lesson
  • Two sessions each of 90 minutes

Our Beginner and New Student Package Pricing

Lesson Time Our Price Competition Price
New Student Special:
3 hours taken as ( 2 x 90 minutes) or ( 3 x 60 minutes)
$165 Free Keys2Drive (not actual driving)

Never Again! say parents who have done it!) + $100

Beginner’s Special (3hours) $150 $200++
3 Hours Regular Package $195 $300++

Book your beginner's special today!

Contact the team at Coomera Driver Training today to book your lesson with our Master Driver Trainer. We will teach you how to drive correctly and handle a wide variety of driving situations. We focus on helping you to be confident in your own driving and on the roads.If you have a tight schedule and need to book a lesson outside of school hours or on school holidays, we are more than happy to accomodate you. Book your first lesson online today and start your road to driving success!