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10 Hour Package

Just $570 – Save $130!

About our 10 Hour Package

Every hour you spend with an instructor is worth 3 hours in your logbook. Add 30 hours of logbook driving with our 10 hour package!

coomera 10 hour package

What’s included

Our lesson packages are perfect for any driving student! We can cover any of the following in your lessons;

  • Learn Car Basics (steering wheel and mirror positioning, maintenance tips etc.)
  • Build driving confidence
  • Safety signals
  • Reverse parking
  • Parallel parking
  • Defensive driver training

An improvement in your student’s driving from the first lesson

The driving test focuses on 3 criteria:

  • vehicle operation (accelerating, braking and steering, reverse parks, parallel parks, 3 point turns etc
  • judgement – safety margins, should I wait or should I go, roundabouts and merging; and
  • hazard perception and response and road rules and law.

You will see an improvement in your student’s driving from the first lesson, no matter how much or how little driving they have done, previously.
All of this training responds to the test criteria and we can show you the test sheet at any time if requested.

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