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At Coomera Driver Training, we have a quick, proven, affordable solution for drivers who are licensed but not confident.Our Master Trainer, Tom McGuire, expertly uses the Emergency Services Defensive Driving protocol – System of Vehicle Control.

Most driver trainers have no knowledge of the System of Vehicle Control – a proven method of Defensive Driving – because they are poorly trained. Many that are aware of it, claim the qualification to teach and then teach it very poorly.

The major reason for a lack of confidence in driving is poor training – simply put, that’s it.

Inability to assess and respond

The driver is not sure of themselves and of the actions and attitudes of other road users so they are unable to assess a situation and consequently not able to properly respond to that same situation.

If you are licensed and have been driving for a while, you know that just because a person has a driver’s license does not mean that that person can safely and effectively drive a motor car.

My Promise to You

I promise to make you a smart, confident, above standard driver in three x 1 hour driving lessons.

  • I will teach you the System of Vehicle Control.
  • I promise to teach you to be a very good driver.
  • I promise to refund your lesson fees if I do not turn you into a competent, capable and confident driver.


You will be so much better that your passengers will say “Wow! Where did you learn to do drive like that?” Even better, you will know that you are a capable, competent and confident driver.

Queensland transport require 10 hours of night driving as part of the 100 hour requirement for new drivers. Many parents with busy lives and family commitments use our services to get these hours up. Typically these are done in 1 1/2 hour (90 minute) sessions. Night driving is a special skill and requires the training. Coomera Driver Training provides classes that will teach you the Do’s and Don’ts of Night Driving and our instructors have a proven record of improving confidence in students who are hesitant to drive at night. Give us a call today to find out more or send us an enquiry now.

Simulated tests are conducted by Coomera Driver Training.Students need to do a practice test to experience the pressure of making snap decisions.

Usually the first practice test is a wipe out. But the experience is a great settler.

All students who do 6 lessons or more with Coomera Driver Training are given a test route.

This is an established test route that the Examiners use.

It is highly unlikely that you will get this test route in your test.

The purpose is to put you under test pressure with your parents. More test routes are available from your instructor.

Test Special Package

  • Lesson and Test $165 (1 hour)
  • Book your test for 1.10 pm and you get an extra 30 minutes before the test.
  • Call Now 0404 063 761

Why Choose Us?

Our Expertise

  • Learning to Drive
  • Licensed but not confident
  • Defensive Driving
  • Night Driving
  • Driving test preparation
  • Road Craft
  • Our instructors are Safe Master Drivers and will teach you how to handle all traffic situations
  • Our instructors are NOT Inexperienced Drivers Teaching Learners! We are experienced, trained and accredited instructors
  • We give praise, encouragement and teach you to learn in an enjoyable environment (we never yell at you!)
  • We pick you up and drop you off (at any reasonable location);
  • Parents LOVE US because teaching you to drive well and teaching you about safety are our primary concerns;
  • We work around school hours and work during school holidays;