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Helensvale Driving School

Helensvale Driving School aims to make sure that our students are safe and secure when driving in the busiest cities. At Coomera Driver Training we offer a wide range of driver training services, including driving test practice, defensive driving lessons and personalised driving lessons. Over our 20 years of experience we’ve helped hundreds of learner drivers pass their test. We know what it takes to train a good driver, and strive to help you drive at your best, focusing on technique and safety. If you’re looking to take your driving test in Helensvale, book with us today and take your Helensvale driving test with confidence!

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Perfect Your Driving

During your lessons you’ll learn all the things you need to know to guarantee a pass on your test. We’ll iron out bad habits in your driving, make sure you’re prepared for all the standard driving test challenges and get you up to speed with the common Helensvale driving test routes. Our driving instructors tailor your lessons to meet your needs. We target the areas of your driving that need improving and work less on the areas that don’t, helping you get the most out of your time with us.

We guarantee that students who graduate from our driving school will be able to handle any kind of road conditions, in any part of the world. We ensure that all our instructors are qualified, have at least 5 years of experience and are accredited driving instructor by the ADTA (Australian Driver Trainer’s Association). As a consequence, Helensvale driving school’s proprietary learning standards and methods are the best. It will make the drivers more competent and skilful in driving having all the necessary knowledge about laws, rules, and regulations.

We offer different classes based on different level of expertise. For instance, a foreign driver might have to learn in different setups and conditions. As compared to a student who is in hurry to get a license. Our experienced instructors are quite familiar with different types of drivers who must be taught differently.

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Why Take a Practice driving Test?

A practice driving test can help you decide whether you’re ready for the test or not, identifying parts of your driving that you’ll need to practice before taking the test. You can take your practice test early to give yourself more time to practice, or take it directly before your test so you’re completely prepared for everything they can throw at you. Our expert driving instructors have helped many learner drivers pass their tests over the years, and can help you in every aspect of your driving. They’ll offer advice on driving technique, fine tune your skills and assess your knowledge of rules and driving theory to get you perfectly prepared.

Our Guarantee

Helensvale Driving School takes pride in offering a premium level of services to our students offering a competitive price. Our training mentors put on best of their efforts to make you perfect at driving. Thus, making sure that you definitely pass the driving test.
Additionally, we provide professional service with effective and practical learning techniques to pass any road tests. We also focus on teaching a safe drive attitude in the road.

What You Need To Know:

To take your Helensvale driving Test, you need to:

  • Be 17 years or older
  • Have held your learner’s license for 12 months or more
  • Have your learners log book completed and approved


When you’ve met the criteria, you can book in your driving test on the QLD Department of Transport and Main Roads website, or by calling 13 23 90. Alternatively, you can let us book it in for you when you book your practice test and get it all organised at the same time. Contact Helensvale Driving School and book in today.


Call Helensvale Driving School

We teach both automatic and manual driving skills, so you can learn to drive the way you want to. Use one of our vehicles or learn in your own. If you’re in Helensvale and looking to book a driving test, call Helensvale Driving School today on 0404063761 to book in your lesson and test.