Coomera Driver Training F.A.Q.

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Yes , absolutely , all our cars are well maintained and fully insured through NRMA. You can be assured that our insurance coverage is as per standard regulations that is used by all driving schools.
We cover a large area from Robina to Beenleigh. Please send us an enquiry and we will be happy to accommodate you as best we can.
In the event that you need to cancel a class, we will help you reschedule your driving class and accommodate you the best we can.
The best way to book a lesson is to use the enquiry form on our website. We normally respond to all enquiries within 24 hours .
Yes, all our instructors are experienced and qualified. You will have the same instructor for all your lessons right until you  pass your driving lesson or you no longer require further lessons.
Yes, once you start driving lessons with us as a beginner , besides teaching you how to drive, we will help you through the process of applying for a driving license and going through mock driving tests with you to ensure you gain the confidence you need not just for the license but to drive without fear on the road.Please check our pricing and packages for more details.
At Coomera Driver Training  on the Gold Coast, the privacy of our visitors is of extreme importance to us . Read our Privacy Policy.
Practice makes perfect as the saying goes, you can visit the Queensland Transport website and practice your road test rules.. here.
We have been fortunate to have a long list of students who have placed their trust in us over the past 9+ years of our existence. You can visit our Facebook page (search for @goldcoastdefensivedriving ) or read the testimonials on Google Plus and Facebook by clicking here
The hazard perception test measures how quickly you can identify and respond to dangerous driving situations. It is an online test—you can’t take the test at a customer
service centre. Queensland DMTR hazard perception test.

You must pass the hazard perception test before you can upgrade to a P2 provisional licence or an open licence:

  • If you were 23 or younger when you received your P1 licence, you will get a P2 licence.
  • If you were 24 or older when you received your P1 licence, you will get an open licence.
Follow us on Facebook and Google+ to keep informed about our frequently advertised special offer and promotions. You can also send us an enquiry to get to know about the latest offer .
Yes, all our cars are fitted with dual controls and are extremely well maintained. We guarantee you that your learn to drive experience in our fleet  will be a pleasant experience that you will always remember fondly.
A learner driver is required to complete at least 10 hours of night driving.  Whether you are specifically after night driving experience, or if the only times you are able to obtain driving lessons is during the evening,Coomera Driver Training conducts night driving lessons in the summer time after 6pm. Our instructor Tom Mcguire is a seasoned veteran at night driving. Send us an enquiry today to find out more.
The Queensland  Government Transport website is an excellent resource for information. Click here to see the latest information.
This the link to the Queensland Government Transport website that has all the latest road rules. Perfect webpage for the beginner and the experienced.. click here
We are always happy to accommodate this request and have worked out many package deals for families in the past. Please send us an enquiry and we will work something out.
The licensing website of the Queensland Department of Transport and Roads is the best resource. Please click here.

Fun Facts

We Love Our Jobs And That Makes All The Difference

Coomera Driver Training instructor tom driving his car for gold coast driving lessons
Number of driving lesson hours completed

We estimated that we have provided over 9000 hours of training over the past 9 years

Number of students trained

The number of students we have trained could be higher but we like to be modest. 🙂

the wat forward driving school traffic sign
Number of teaching years.

We will be coming up to 10 years of teaching Gold Coast residents how to drive.