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Congratulations, you’re about to get your license! Just after you pass the driving test.

At Coomera Driver Training, we have almost 30 years of experience turning learners into confident solo drivers. If you are looking for the top driving school Broadbeach, you’re in the right place! We have the best team of qualified instructors and a wide range of teaching services. Our expert instructors design a personalised driving course for each of their students, allowing them to learn in the way that’s best for them. So, give us a call now and get driving today!

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Our Driving Courses

Beginners Driving Course

We start each of our beginners driving courses with an evaluation of where the driver’s skills are at. This includes the practical and theory aspects of driving. Our theory practice includes:

  • Defensive driving techniques
  • Understanding human behaviors
  • Managing and reducing risks associated with driving
  • Vehicle performance and systems
    After learning the foundations, it’s time to hit the road. We teach driving techniques and other essential skills that will help you stay safe on the road, including:
  • Proper steering technique
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Correct seating position
  • Emergency braking exercises
  • Low-speed maneuvering practices
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Test Preparation

It’s completely normal to feel stressed before a driving test. What matters is how you handle that stress. As a top driving school Broadbeach, we understand exactly what you’re going through. Our team of highly experienced instructors will get you to your best, so you can be confident in your driving and push through the stress of the test. We’ve got some tips and secret techniques that will help you confidently take on the driving test!

Coomera Driver Training also provides you with training facilities in both Broadbeach and Gold Coast areas that will equip you with all the essential skills for driving safely on the roads. But our services don’t stop there. And once you’ve reached the end, our instructors will be there to guide you through the vehicle registration and licensing procedure.

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Defensive Driving Course

Coomera Driver Training provides 2 levels of Defensive Driving Courses. The courses aim to enhance the understanding of safe vehicle operation in a fun and safe learning environment. In order to do that, we carefully balance controlled demonstrations, practical in-car exercises, and theory.

We believe this program is essential for a lifetime of safe driving. If you are looking for a reliable driving school Broadbeach, we’re the one for you. In this program, we will also cover safe driving strategies required to navigate safely through daily life on the road. The course is designed to challenge you in a variety of situations, broadening your driving experience and teaching you to handle different conditions with confidence. It will provide you with a greater understanding of yourself, vehicle limitations and the environmental factors you will face on the open road.

Get access to professional driving training in Broadbeach with our fully accredited driving instructors.

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Night Driving

Night driving can be daunting, but with Coomera Driver Training’s excellent instructors, you’ll be comfortably cruising the streets in no time. Driving at night is an essential part of completing the learner’s driver training, but can be vastly different to daytime driving. Our instructors can guide through the ups and downs, with professional experience in a wide range of driving conditions.

As a leading driving school in Broadbeach, we are renowned for our superior customer service with the friendly, fun injected into the learning experience. We specialise in helping teenagers gain the necessary confidence, skills, and knowledge to not only to pass the test on their first try, but to be safe drivers for a lifetime. Learn to drive today with a team of fully accredited, professional & friendly driving instructors.

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