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Top Driving School Southport

Become the Best Driver You Can Be!

When looking for a school offering driving lessons Southport, you should expect the best. With Coomera Driver Training you get:

  • A personalised lesson plan built around your requirements, schedule and needs.
  • Professional, highly accredited and experienced trainers
  • Calm, wise and knowledgeable driving instructor and a car to use on your test day
  • New and well-maintained cars, with dual-control and possibility for manual/automatic
  • Lesson options 7 days a week

Learner Friendly Driving Lessons

Tom, our main instructor, a retired police officer, is very friendly and aims to help his students gain confidence and experience on Queensland’s busy roads. Having been a driver instructor for over 10 years, Tom and Coomera Driver Training is your best choice when looking for a professional driving school Southport. With Tom you’ll learn every aspect of a safe driving, from the basics of road rules and general car knowledge, to various techniques such as reverse parking, main car controls (steering, gears, indicators etc. ) hill starts and more.

Learners Driving Lessons Southport

We wish to make the transition from learner driver to probationary licence as easy as possible. Young drivers are the most at risk when they receive their probationary licence and begin driving on their own, and we want to reduce that risk as much as possible. For many years, Coomera Driving Schools has been helping young people to learn to drive in a safe and comfortable environment. Additionally, we take great pride as one of the most reputable driving school Southport & Gold Coast.

Our comprehensive learners lesson program offers everything a new driver needs to feel confident and safe when behind the wheel. Our customised and tailored lessons have a fantastic success rate. Whether you’ve just obtained your learners permit or you’re ready to face the driving test, we will teach you at a pace that best suits your needs. We can assist you or your kids with the following areas:

  • Low-Risk / Reduced-Risk Driving Techniques
  • Express Test Preparation
  • Corporate Assessment / Training
  • Refresher and Seniors Courses
  • Overseas License Change Overs
  • Fear of Driving Courses


We know that new drivers will love our approach to driving lessons – our highly qualified instructors tailor each and every lesson specifically to the skill level and experience of each individual student. Additionally, we will always stay calm without shouting, explaining how to improve and mistakes not to reproduce. We want each and every student to learn at their own pace, without the pressure and stress that learning to drive often brings.

So why not call us today!

Defensive Driving Courses

Suitable for any driver of any age (P-plate drivers a specialty) Coomera Driver Training has made Defensive Driving Courses a specialty. Presented in a relaxed, friendly and supportive environment by a qualified, experienced instructor, with a balanced mixture of theory and practical driving exercises.

We guarantee that regardless of your driving experience you’ll be astonished at what you will learn. Moreover, we know you will have a great time learning with us.

The practical driving component of our Defensive Driving Course is conducted over Gold Coast roads at suburban speeds. It includes a variety of on-road exercises including emergency braking, swerving and multiple direction changes.

Night Driving Lessons Southport

Night driving has always remained a challenge among learners, older drivers and the numerous people with night driving fears. The risk factor is increased at night, it is by consequence paramount to be confident and able to react quickly in case of an issue.
As the biggest factor of making night driving risky is the reduced visibility. It can be difficult to visually differentiate a few things at night, and difficult to predict or read the situation. Both speed and limited visibility may create trouble for drivers.
With Coomera Driving School Southport, we will teach you the basics of night driving from checking your lights conditions, being familiar with the car, knowing in advance your destination and the route you will take, how to react to other cars lights and stay calm in stressful driving situations.

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