Consequences – Defensive Driving Course 

By Coomera Driver Training

defensive driving course
defensive driving course
defensive driving course

Consequences – The Defensive Driving Package of Courses 

All courses are based on Police Driver Training techniques carried out by accredited Police Driver trainers or former police officers.

Summary of our Courses

  • Consequences local – $180 – 2 x 90 minute sessions – Ideal Test Preparation.
  • Consequences 1 Mount Cotton track $190 – 5 hours – as soon as the student passes the P test
  • Consequences 2 Mount Cotton track $190  – 5 hours
  • Advanced Driver Training at Mount Cotton – 5 hours – $190
Tom Mcquire, Instructor
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How Defensive Driver Training Helps Your Child
100 hours of driver training is enough driver training to have some confidence and be able to judge speed and distance. That is the measure that the Queensland Government has adopted. Nowhere does it say that with 100 hours driver training the student will be 100% safe on the road.

What’s involved in our  Defensive Driving Course?

  1. Setting up mock tests (practice tests). We don’t do the mock tests, the supervisor does them to work up the student hours.
  2. We teach students how to successfully negotiate the most complex of roundabouts
  3. We will teach the student how to merge in the difficult merges
  4. We will teach you how to avoid accidents
  5. Learn how to handle a vehicle in wet and slippery conditions
  6. Learn how to read traffic and avoid road incidents





Tom McGuire is your Defensive Driving Instructor

Tom holds the following qualifications:

  • National Accreditation Defensive Driver Training TLIC107C – Manual and Automatic Cars
  • Master Driver Trainer Cars and Trucks
  • Licensed up to Multi-Combination (Bdouble) trucks
  • Authorised to Driver Train in trucks
  • Retired Lawyer dealing with Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurance for crash victims and for insurance companies (Plaintiff and Defendant)
  • Retired Queensland Police officer 1991 – set up the Gold Coast Traffic Crash Unit – 1982
  • By completing a Defensive Driving Course with Tom McGuire as your instructor, you will personally learn from the most accredited and qualified Defensive Driving Instructor in Queensland.