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The ADTAQ is the largest industry body representing professional driving instructors in Queensland. Members of the ADTAQ are qualified driving instructors who provide training for all classes of driving licences – from cars and bikes to heavy trucks and buses.The Association serves the community by providing details of professional driving instructors able to provide quality tuition allowing novice drivers to be trained and educated to a higher standard.

The Association serves its members by providing support and a broad industry knowledge base. Another significant benefit to members is the outstanding insurance available through our relationship with Focus Insurance. For further details about insurance, please see ‘Become A Member’.

The standard of driving tuition offered by ADTAQ members equips the novice driver with skills and awareness training enabling them to be better-prepared, competent, safe new drivers.
Teaching you to drive safely is our business. Always ask for an ADTAQ member, it’s your guarantee to quality driver training.

For more information visit the ADTA website.

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Want to learn from a master driver trainer?

Exactly What is a Master Driver Trainer

The Australian Driver Trainers Association of Queensland (ADTA-Q) has devised a unique assessment program to check and qualify Master Driver Trainers in Queensland

This is an individual assessment of every applicant over a period of 1 month or more
They are tested to prove they will

  • offer a comprehensive knowledge of the road rules and recognise all the road signs and markings
  • have an excellent driving ability and therefore are skilled in defensive driving techniques. Special consideration is given to the ability to safely handle dual control vehicles.
  • must meet 21 requirements that happen to be over and above that needed by Queensland Transport.


The ADTA-Q works together with RACQ, Queensland Transport, and other similar organisations to ensure that the very best standards are met and therefore Master Driver Trainers are the best in the profession.
Coomera Driver Training has been a member of the ADTA-Q for years. Tom, offers Gold Coast inhabitants driving lessons & defensive courses according to ADTA-Q regulations.