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About Coomera Driver Training

Coomera Driver Training was established in 2008 to provide driver training in manual and automatic transmission in cars in the area south to Robina, west to Nerang and north to Ormeau. If you would like to save time please go to our facebook page which is regularly updated.

Tom McGuire the founder and owner of Coomera Driver Training for over 20 years is well known and highly regarded by parents, students and Driver test Examiners. He is licensed up to B double semitrailers and authorised to instruct in trucks up to Medium Rigid. He is a retired police officer, having served 32 years with postings on the Gold Coast, Homicide Squad, seconded to Interpol Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong before returning to the Homicide Squad.

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More about Tom – Master Driver Trainer

He set up the first Forensic Crash Unit on the Gold Coast in 1981 – the unit was known then as the Traffic Accident Investigation squad. On retirement he studied law at Griffith University supporting himself by doing crash investigations for solicitors and insurance companies. Age discrimination was a factor in not finishing his degree after 4 years of part time study. He was approached by the then owners of Paradise Driving School in Brisbane and started driver training in cars and trucks. It became obvious to him that the standard of driver training was very poor. Even today, people who want to become driver trainers can get a Cert 4 in training anything; go to Queensland Transport and on the strength of the Cert 4 obtain an authority to train drivers.

Tom McGuire is a highly regarded member of the Industry Association – The Australian Driver Trainers Association. He is a certified Master Trainer in cars and trucks – the only one north of Robina. He is a certified defensive driver trainer – defensive driving is always a part of our lessons and is not delivered as a separate package. The exception is for student who have trained with another organisation and the defensive driving is given as a gift certificate.

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Coomera Driver Training provides Defensive Driver Training to Police and Emergency Services recruits to prepare them for the higher level of driver training they can expect as recruits. Coomera Driver Training also provides remedial training for police and emergency service recruits who cannot pass their in-service training. As a member of the ADTA, Coomera Driver Training can be checked out for all of the necessary Public Liability and Professional insurances.

We understand teenagers better then most and this is born out by the fact that we do not have a cancellation policy at all. We understand that employers give our students short notice for work attendance – under 24 hours – and we accept that. Coomera Driver Training however, has no tolerance for “no shows” – we just don’t come back.

So here is your tick list for your driver trainer:-

  • How long have they been around?
  • What are their qualifications? If they only have an Auto license what teaching knowledge do they have?
  • Are they a member of the ADTA with the necessary insurances?
  • Check facebook
  • Do they return calls?
  • Do they smoke (Is it okay if I just blow it out the window?)

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